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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

23 Weeks Pregnant

At 23 weeks i'm starting to feel more "pregnant". According to my Babycenter app on my iPhone, my baby now weighs as much as a large mango. Now he or she is more than 11 inches long and I can actually feel it! My clothes are starting to become more snug and I cannot wear any bottoms that aren't stretchy or has a drawstring style waistband anymore. I can feel that my hips are expanding and my behind is has grown some cushion on its own *yikes!*  On the upside my boobs are starting to fill up (more please!!!!) and my feet are still their normal size.

As for my latest obsession, I've been totally into wide brim panama and fedora hats. My doctor said our skin gets extra sensitive to sunlight during pregnancy so it's a good idea to protect it and wear sunblock, sunglasses and yep stylish hats! Of course to me it was just the perfect excuse to shop for hats! Besides I should start wearing hats anyway since I noticed that when I do get some sun, the first part of my body that darkens is my forehead, while the rest of my face stays light. Eekk so weird! Annnnddd it's been ridiculously hot out and pregnant women cannot afford to overheat (yep another good excuse!) So I wasted no time to shop around for cool hats!

This hat I LOVE because it fits my head to a tee and my hubby got it for me. It has a good structure to it too so the shape stays- even if you man handle it. Although hats that come in sizes tend to be a little pricier, I think they are worth the money because it will mold into your head better. I  also like that it's heather gray with a lighter shade of gray leather rope detail to it.  

For my top..I'm not a big fan of hiding my pregnant tummy as you can see in my previous preggy pics. I mean being pregnant is a marvelous thing and I think every mom should be proud of their bump that is why I chose to be wearing some sheer tops. They feel easy and light but still doesn't look overly sexy.

What's your latest obsession? 

Wide Brim Fedora Hat:
Sheer Button Down Shirt : H & M
Shorts : H & M
Sandals : Prabal Gurung for Target
Bag : Celine 

Current weight : 125 lbs.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Pregnancy Fitness - 16 Weeks

So let's talk Pregnancy Fitness.
Have you ever walked in a room and felt like everyone was staring at you? 
That's exactly how I felt when I walked in my gym at 16 weeks sporting a mini belly bump. 
I literally felt that everyone was staring at me. All of sudden a swarm of women came up to me as I walked in on a gym class that's supposedly one of the hardest class there... It's called Body Shred by the way..

Anyway, one woman commented "Are we going to have an emergency here?" Another blurted "does your doctor know that you're doing this?" Before I even had the chance to respond, another younger lady  said "You're taking THIS class? I mean you've taken this class before right? So.. You know that it's hard" with total disbelief and concern on her face. 

How rude right ?
I mean I get it, I'm pregnant, but of course I'm not going to put myself and my baby in danger by doing something my doctor and I haven't talked about or have not approved off duuuuhhhhhhh! 
I mean, is it really that unusual nowadays to see a pregnant woman going to the gym? 

It's actually a little sad how some women act like they are handicap just because they are pregnant or worse, make pregnancy an excuse to stop taking care of themselves. I mean of course there are some women that are at a higher risk when pregnant but to women like me who have been very active before pregnancy, that's a different story. Besides, every woman is different but as I've mentioned earlier I've talked to my doctor first and I highly recommend every pregnant woman out there to do so before doing anything that could put you and your baby at risk.

 In my case, since I've always had an active lifestyle and I do not have a high risk pregnancy, my doctor approved and actually recommended me to continue my exercise routine. 

I did more research on my own too about the benefits of keeping active during pregnancy and found out that it is tremendously good not just for mommy but for baby too. I've experienced the major benefits first hand and would recommend regular excercise to women again with your doctor's approval.

Here are a few of the benefits I've experienced first hand :

1. Exercise kept my mood swings under control... Oh and trust me, my husband is super happy about this one. Considering that he and his friends expected me to have some crazy/emotional/hormonal moments due to pregnancy, I can proudly say that I have disappointed them in a good way. So now they aren't as afraid to get their fiancé'/wife get pregnant too. Endorphins not only kept me happy and SANE but my hubby too haha!

2. What aches and pains? I mean sure I did experience mild sharp pain on my oblique area but my doctor says that's due to my muscles stretching to accommodate my growing belly. Other than that, I haven't really experienced any aches and pains which is kind of amazing because I have scoliosis so I was anticipating some major back pain now that I'm carrying extra weight. But no, thanks to exercise! I'm super glad I kept active and I do not plan on stopping. Stretching also helps big time! Stretching is my favorite part of the work out actually! Ahhhh so relaxing..

3. My circulation, blood pressure, lab works and heart rate are all at a normal rate. I'm able to work, go to the gym, relax and not have any trouble sleeping. More importantly my baby's heart rate and movements have been consistently healthy as well =)

4. Normally pregnant women tend to get really swollen during pregnancy but since I've been exercising, my circulation has been great and the swelling on my hands/feet and ankles have been minimal. I'm still able to wear my pre-pregnancy shoes. 

5. My energy level has also been great. Want to go shopping? Sure! Want to walk down the street to get some decaf coffee? Let's go! I'm down! As long i'm wearing comfy flat shoes, that's not a problem!

6. My weight has also been under control. A lot of my friends told me that I look exactly the same as I was pre-pregnancy but now I just look like a have a round pillow on my tummy. I've also been told that I don't even look pregnant when you look at me front and back view. 

7. Most importantly, exercise during pregnancy is actually really good for your baby as it gives the baby fresh oxygen and better blood circulation since mommy is getting the same thing. Research also shows that when mom exercises regularly that it really does help with the development of the baby's brain and can actually contribute to his/her intelligence. Studies also show that when mom is physically fit that the chance of baby suffering obesity drastically drops.

Need I say more ? Just remember, talk to your doctor first. Make some modifications and do not let yourself reach exhaustion. Lastly hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! It does the body good.

What do you think about exercising during pregnancy ?

Thanks for dropping by!!!


Current Weight: 114 lbs.

Sports Bra: Lululemon available here
Leggings : Lululemon available here
Sheer Top : Tildon
Coat : Zara
Shoes : Adidas
Sunglasses : Rayban
Bag : Celine
Accessories :

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