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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

23 Weeks Pregnant

At 23 weeks i'm starting to feel more "pregnant". According to my Babycenter app on my iPhone, my baby now weighs as much as a large mango. Now he or she is more than 11 inches long and I can actually feel it! My clothes are starting to become more snug and I cannot wear any bottoms that aren't stretchy or has a drawstring style waistband anymore. I can feel that my hips are expanding and my behind is has grown some cushion on its own *yikes!*  On the upside my boobs are starting to fill up (more please!!!!) and my feet are still their normal size.

As for my latest obsession, I've been totally into wide brim panama and fedora hats. My doctor said our skin gets extra sensitive to sunlight during pregnancy so it's a good idea to protect it and wear sunblock, sunglasses and yep stylish hats! Of course to me it was just the perfect excuse to shop for hats! Besides I should start wearing hats anyway since I noticed that when I do get some sun, the first part of my body that darkens is my forehead, while the rest of my face stays light. Eekk so weird! Annnnddd it's been ridiculously hot out and pregnant women cannot afford to overheat (yep another good excuse!) So I wasted no time to shop around for cool hats!

This hat I LOVE because it fits my head to a tee and my hubby got it for me. It has a good structure to it too so the shape stays- even if you man handle it. Although hats that come in sizes tend to be a little pricier, I think they are worth the money because it will mold into your head better. I  also like that it's heather gray with a lighter shade of gray leather rope detail to it.  

For my top..I'm not a big fan of hiding my pregnant tummy as you can see in my previous preggy pics. I mean being pregnant is a marvelous thing and I think every mom should be proud of their bump that is why I chose to be wearing some sheer tops. They feel easy and light but still doesn't look overly sexy.

What's your latest obsession? 

Wide Brim Fedora Hat:
Sheer Button Down Shirt : H & M
Shorts : H & M
Sandals : Prabal Gurung for Target
Bag : Celine 

Current weight : 125 lbs.

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