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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Contouring 101

Lately I've been obsessed with make up contouring and I noticed that this obsession intensifies whenever I see contouring pics on Instagram! I mean, have you seen them? They are unbelievable! 

So I told myself, I HAVE TO TRY THIS! 
Finally, last weekend I went to Sephora with a mission to get a better understanding on how to do proper contouring and what products are right for me. Luckily I met the lovely Rochelle of Melting Pot Beauty and she was very helpful, nice and not to mention -- FABULOUS!!

Let's get started!

First was finding the right shade of concealer. The two main products needed for contouring are concealer and bronzer. Shelly found the perfect concealer for my skin tone and I ended up loving it as well. Our pick was the Givenchy Mister Light #5 it has more coverage than the YSL that I was originally eyeing for and it looked natural despite the slightly heavier coverage. Being it a pen also made it so much easier to maneuver for highlighting areas of my face that hit the light first.

Next, Shelly drew a line from the inner corner of my eyes down to the side of my nose. Then she drew a diagonal line from the side of my nose all the way to my temples passed my cheekbone. She said it's basically like drawing a triangle right under your eyes and filling the space in between with concealer. When you're done, simply blend gently with your finger tips. 

Next, she drew a line from the center of my brows down to the tip of my nose. Then she went back up and continued the line from the center of my brows and made mini a star burst on my lower forehead. She also highlighted my brow bone, cupid's bow and my chin and blended away.

This is me trying the technique on my own =)

Then we moved on to bronzing or shadowing. Here she drew a line from the upper inner corner of my ear to halfway down my cheekbone. She also put bronzer on my temples, forehead and the side of my nose (which I loved by the way because it like an instant nose lift!)

Next is blend, blend, blend!! The key to natural looking contouring is to blend and get rid of harsh lines.

Geeezz I now realize that contouring takes a lot of work! Especially if you're working with cream concealer and bronzer.  Powder seems to be the better option for an easier/faster contouring because creams takes a higher level of skill due to the heaving blending involved. Shelly recommends to only do contouring at night or when you have special events/photo shoot. 

I'm loving my contoured look though and I thought it still looked so natural despite the cream products. Shelly did an amazing job! 
I actually got so many compliments that day =)

Thank you Shelly for our awesome contouring lesson!!! Be sure to check out her blog at  

Selfie time!

And thanks to my girlfriend Angel for taking our photos!! 

As for my weekend make up haul. I ended up getting these!

Mister Light Concealer #5 by Givenchy
"They're Real" Mascara by Benefit
Hoola matte bronzer by Benefit
Dandelion blush by Benefit
Creamy Concealer Kit in Natural Tan by Bobbi Brown

Do you like contouring? Write down your comments below and feel free to share some tips! =)

Thanks for dropping by!



Wednesday, March 19, 2014

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