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Thursday, December 4, 2014

34 Weeks

At 34 weeks, I have gained a whopping 34 pounds! (HOLY SHIT) and to think I only started out at 103 lbs. It's a scary thought, I know! As I begin to panic and have thoughts such as, am I too fat? Is my baby too big? Ohhh I don't want to  have a c-section! But then I can't control my weight.. What the hell do I do? I keep craving and they won't go away.. aaaaahhhhhhh!

 Now calm down for a second, it's completely normal to have all these concerns especially for first time moms. But as long as the baby is ok and mommy is in good health you shouldn't worry about anything else.  *Whew!* Such a relief to hear from your doctor's mouth. In fact, you shouldn't even stress out. So calm down and carry on.

Oh and I caved, I had to get these OTK (over the knee) boots because they were on sale. I bought a size 8 though instead of my usual size 7.5, I figured I would need the room in case I get a little swollen of if I decide to wear some thick socks or leg warmers. So far I do not have any buyer's remorse and with the weather slowly cooling down in LA my brain gets to justify that this was a good buy haha! What do you think? 

Cardigan: H&M
Tank Top : Alexander Wang
Shorts: Lululemon
Sunglasses : Ray Ban
Boots: Sam Edelman

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